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  • YOUR RIG SHOULD WORK AROUND YOUL: Lights, cameras, phones and more – employ Multi Mount to prop and lock your gear exactly where needed. In any position at any angle, within arm’s reach or way beyond the usual. All while keeping your workspace slick and your workflow optimal.
  • DURABLE: Steel tubing and joints.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Interchangeable bases and mounts.
  • COMPACT: Telescopic monopod design.
  • SECURE YOUR GEAR: Extendable up to 125 cm (49 inches), the stock Multi Mount with 1/4" screw, center ball head and padded clamp offers precise adjustment in setups where maximum stability is key.
  • MOVE FREELY: The heavy-duty Weighted Base strikes the perfect balance between stability and mobility, making it ideal for freestanding camera and lighting applications
  • INCREASE YOUR REACH: Top-down, side-on, over your shoulder. With four tubes and connecting ball joints for sweeping three-dimensional adjustability, the Flex Arm Kit makes any shot possible
  • ELEVATE YOUR PHONE: The padded quick-clamping Smartphone Holder takes your mobile companion to new heights, orientations and angles, allowing you to leverage your apps like never before.
  • 3-section steel monopod extendable from 55 cm / 22 in. up to 125 cm / 49 in. gives you ample height for overhead shots and lighting.
  • Centre ball head with an industry-standard 1/4” screw allows you to secure almost any gear on any axis.
  • Padded desk clamp expandable up to 6 cm / 2.35 in. provides maximum stability.
  • Rubber twist locks and levered clamps enable easy adjustability.
  • Compatible with all Elgato Multi Mount accessories.
  • 4.8 kg / 10.6 lbs steel base provides stability and mobility for freestanding camera and light mounting applications.
  • Screws and hex key included.
  • Compatible with all Elgato Multi Mount accessories.