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  • Interchangeable Mesh/Glass Front Panel
  • 360mm Radiator at Top and Front
  • Rich Connectivity with USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C Support
  • Two Additional PCI slots at the Rear for Vertical GPU Positioning
  • Nine Management Covers for Clean Building
  • Dedicated Water Pump/ReservoirBracket offers Mounting Option atop the PSU Shroud
  • Graphics Card Support Arm
  • Two 200mm Addressable RGB Fans
  • Addressable RGB Controller
  • 2yrs Local Supplier Warranty
  • FreeForm Modular System gives unparalleled flexibility to upgrade case via the addition of top panels or an expanded door, adjusting aesthetics and opening options to alter and augment interior configurations in the process.
  • FreeForm enables you to vertically adjust or entirely remove drive cages via an intuitive clip-and-click panel, opening unparalleled flexibility to integrate replacement accessories like fans, water cooling reservoirs or even extra-long graphics cards.
  • FreeForm gives you the option to install three front-mounted 140mm fans and a 280mm radiator for unmatchable ventilation due to a unique facility to horizontally shift the bottom-mounted HDD drives.
  • FreeForm allows up to six 140mm fans through the case, as well as a top 240mm radiator when expanded via addition of top panels.
  • Built for performance - Supports up to three dual-slot extra-long graphics cards, including 13.5-inch cards.
  • Premium Aluminum Paneling
  • Vertical Chimney Effect Layout
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Rotatable PCI Bracket Window
  • Versatile Storage Bracket
  • Advanced I/O Panel
  • Adjustable Top Ventilation
  • 2yrs Limited Local Supplier Warranty
  • The Dual-Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel is a panoramic tempered glass side panel with two curved edges offers a wide view of your system's internal components.
  • The tempered glass offer 3 to 5 times the structural integrity of regular glass.
  • Perfect bending with tempered glass requires a large amount of patience and precision. Curving the glass to the correct angle, preserving the exact dimensions after curving, and preventing surface defects are just some of the challenges present in the process.
  • Mesh and Transparent Options Included
  • Two 200mm RGB Fans and Controller
  • Clear View Inside
  • Radiator Support
  • Covers for Clean Building
  • Top Magnetic Filter
  • Case Handle for Transport